Wrap up

That's Grow in just about ten minutes. To get a better grip of the system, we recommend you to poke around changing configs, customizing templates, adding and removing content all within the codelab pod that you've downloaded to your computer.

Once you're comfortable with how the different pieces of pods fit together – and your ability to customize and config each piece – you should be able to start using Grow to rapidly build and architect a web site from scratch!

Grow comes with a few pod themes built-in that can help you get started with site architecture really quickly. You can try any of the following commands:

grow init base      # A nice base template that has a more complex js and css compiling and partials.
grow init scaffold  # Just plain config scaffolding. Comes with gulp and bower.
grow init product   # A "product" site with a few categories of products.
grow init cards     # A "card-style" blog.

Themes are published to the growthemes GitHub organization.

This codelab did not cover all of Grow's features. Make sure to check out the rest of the documentation, including the samples, the reference material, and the template API to learn more about the rest of the system's capabilities. You should be able to read the entire documentation in just about 30 minutes or less.