A declarative, file-based static website generator

Grow is a static site generator optimized for building highly-interactive, localized microsites. With a focus on workflow and building projects that are highly maintainable in the long-term, Grow encourages a strong-but-simple separation of content and presentation, and makes maintaining content in different locales and different environments a snap.

Key features

  • YAML-based content management with locale and environment variations
  • Localization built-in (for content, translations, and URLs)
  • Build sharding for massive websites
  • Extensions and integrations with content sources
  • Timed deployments with a companion web server
  • No opinion about the frontend stack

Download Grow

# Install using pip.
pip install grow

# Install with the installer.
curl https://install.grow.io | bash

See complete installation instructions for Mac and Linux

Learning Grow

Grow is simple yet powerful and prefers configuration over code for defining your web site's content and architecture. Our goal is to keep Grow simple so that you can learn about all its capabilities within an hour or less.

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