Grow open source project

Grow is an open source project developed by the core Grow team and it's released under the MIT License.

Grow's mission is to bring joy to building and launching microsites

We want Grow to be the canonical way for teams and individuals to build, launch, and maintain high-quality, content-rich web sites. It's architected to work for humans, to allow people pair it with their own development tools, to run locally and in the cloud, and to bring simplicity to web site management.

Grow (the app) and the stuff you make with it (your sites) are portable. You can run Grow anywhere, and you can take your content anywhere because your content is stored as flat files. There will never be lock-in with Grow.

Get involved

Grow is open source and you can help shape its future by contributing code, filing issues, joining the discussion, and making feature requests.

You can contribute code by sending pull requests to the open source project.


Grow is written in Python and projects are file-based and backed by Git. Grow is a static site generator – meaning you can use it to build and deploy sites almost anywhere.


Grow's development is just getting started. For the initial release, we are focused on building a perfomant static site generator that can run both locally and in the cloud -- and deploy anywhere. Subsequent versions and companion software will focus on Git integration, project management, and collaboration.

See the issue tracker and milestones