Continuous integration

You can easily test, build, and/or deploy your website using a continuous integration (CI) system. CI systems remove extra steps from your project's lifecycle and allow you to save time on repetitive tasks.

Using Travis CI for automatic deploys

The combination of GitHub, Travis CI, Grow SDK, and a static hosting service such as Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 allow you and your team to collaborate on Git and keep your site automatically up to date – without ever having to run a deploy command.

In fact, this is exactly how this documentation is deployed.

  1. Set up your deployment (both the host and the configuration in podspec.yaml).
  2. Connect your GitHub repo with Travis CI.
  3. Configure Travis CI.

To configure Travis CI, add a .travis.yml file in your repository's root. Any required access keys can be configured as secure environment variables in the settings section of your Travis CI project.

language: python
- 2.7
  - master
cache: pip
install: pip install grow
script: grow deploy --noconfirm