Building your site

Grow implements several commands to help you build and test your pod and its generated files.



Builds a pod, generating all the static files needed to render your site. By default, the grow build command outputs files to the build directory within your pod. You can specify a target directory by using an optional fourth argument. In order to deploy your site locally or to a launch destination, see the grow deploy command.

# Builds pod to "build" directory.
grow build

# Builds pod to <dir>.
grow build --out_dir=<dir>

# Builds pod and shows untranslated strings.
grow build --locate-untranslated

When using the --locate-untranslated flag Grow will also output all of the untranslated strings into .po files in the .grow/untranslated/ directory to make it easier to request missing translations.


Runs preprocessors.


Shows all routes built by your pod. Useful for testing and debugging.

grow routes