Developer's guide

You've reached the developer's guide for Grow. This guide is intended to teach you all about the technical aspects of building web sites using Grow and to provide you with a constantly updated, living reference to the system.

Getting Grow

To install Grow, paste the following command into Terminal. This command downloads the SDK and sets up an alias. Before anything is done, you will be prompted to continue.

curl | bash

Alternatively, you can also install Grow by using pip (pip install grow) or by building from source. See the README for details. The source code for all Grow distributions is totally open source. You can learn more about the latest release from the releases page.

Learning Grow

Grow is simple yet powerful and prefers configuration over code for defining your web site's content and architecture. Our goal is to keep Grow simple so that you can learn about all its capabilities within an hour or less.

You can get started by following along with the codelab, or you can jump in by browsing the pod directory structure reference.